Photography Challenge #13 - Negative Space - The Big Empty

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Negative space is about what isn't. It's about what doesn't attract attention. It's something other than the subject. It's the place someone would look at last in a photograph. If the subject of an image is considered positive space, then everything else can be considered negative space. When photographs feature lots of negative space, they've traditionally focus on the simplicity of the scene. There generally isn't a lot going on. This simplicity can be very powerful when used correctly in a photo. Many people around the world love these types of images and you should try your hand at capturing some of them.

This photography challenge has to do with composition. Take your camera out of its bag, head outside and set the camera to Auto. Don't worry about any fancy settings or camera tricks. Just think about your scene and how you can isolate your subject in such a way so it's the star of the show. Leave everything else behind. Don't include any clutter or overwhelming action. Let the scene do the talking.

Here are a few example photographs for you to take a look at.




If you'll notice, there's a lot that's not going on. Each of these photos represents peace and tranquility. It's the simplicity of the scenes in these photos that makes the subject stand out so well. They truly are awe inspiring.

When you complete this challenge, be sure to upload your images here for review and critique. Include your specs as well, such as your camera make and model, lens used, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings. Include your distance from or scale of your scene as well. We want to know it all so we can get a grasp of what went on while you were shooting and how you managed to take your photos. Good luck.