Photography Challenge #9 - Balance - Equalizing the Frame

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I can't tell you how to precisely balance your photos. Or your scenes. You just need to practice the technique, post your practice shots here and let us critique them. In the most basic sense, when it comes to photography, you'll find balance in your photographs when primary objects in the scene have equal weight. I'll show you some example images down below so things become clear to you, but I can tell you right now that balance is critical when it comes to photography. Most of the time, you won't even know you're engaging in this type of thing. As you get the hang of making beautiful photos, you'll find that balancing the elements in your scene comes naturally to you. In the beginning though, you may need to put some effort into it.

Here's a tip for you when it comes to balancing your shots. Pretend that each element in the scene has the same weight. So if there is a car on one side of the scene and a tree on the other, they both weigh the same amount. If they're equally spaced apart and look even in the scene, then you've got balance. Take a look at this first example image.


While it may initially appear that the left side of the photo is heavier than the right, things are actually balanced because of the smoke from the train as well as the tree over on the right side. Again, if all elements weigh the same, that smoke and cluster of trees would balance out the weight of the seemingly larger portion of bridge.


This is a great balanced shot because it appears that there's a separation going from the top right to the bottom left. It's almost as if the green mountain is acting as a divider between the stone mountain on the left and the house on the right. There are quite a few elements in this scene, but they all appear to work well together.


This is a classically balanced photograph. The weight of the two individuals on the left are balanced out by the thickness of the railing on the right as well as the larger buildings on the right. Can you imagine if the people in the photo were on the right as well, leaving the left empty? It just wouldn't look right.

So there you have it. Work on this challenge and remember that it's all about composition. It doesn't matter what you've got your camera set to. Just get out there and shoot. Arrange things in your scenes so they play off one another and look good.

When you complete this challenge, be sure to upload your images here for review and critique. Include your specs as well, such as your camera make and model, lens used, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings. Include your distance from or scale of your scene as well. We want to know it all so we can get a grasp of what went on while you were shooting and how you managed to take your photos. Good luck.
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