Photography Gloves for Winter Shooting


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Does anyone have any suggestions for warm gloves while on winter photography sessions? It is a real hassle to put my regular winter gloves on and then take them off while shooting.


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That's a great question. I think another complementary question would be, "What gloves are thin enough, yet warm enough to use for photography during the winter?" As you alluded to in your post, your regular gloves aren't cutting it because you're taking them off when you want to shoot. They're most likely too thick to feel any of the buttons on your camera.

After reading your question, I though about a pair of thin gloves I once purchased to help keep my hands warm while operating the small Cessna I used to fly during flight lessons back about ten years ago. Back then, anything was better than using my bare hands to clean the snow off the plane, not to mention the "steering wheel" being absolutely freezing. Those were good, but I wonder about their tactile characteristics. Would they be good enough to feel all the tiny buttons that are present on a camera?

I recently read a post written by Jose Ramos on PetaPixel that talked about this topic in depth. After trying out a few different pairs of gloves, he settled on Vallerret Markhof Pro Gloves that are referred to as "finger cap" gloves. Basically, the fingers of these gloves flip back to expose your bare skin when needed. allowing for all the dexterity you'd need while photographing. Jose loved the gloves and I believe he still uses them today. Unfortunately, after check their web page, I see that they're sold out at the moment so I can't get you a price. You may want to check Amazon for either this specific pair or another one similar to it.

Let me know what you find.