Staten Island Seals


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Not far from my house are the Staten Island beaches. Lately a pod of seals have been hanging around one particular beach at Mount Loretto. A walk of about 1/2 mile on the beach will bring you to the point where they do their basking on 2 rocks about ( I'm guessing) 50-60 feet out from the shore. SO I schlepped my tripod with my heavy 50-500 zoom to where they were.

3 seals copy.jpgseal on rock.jpg
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Great shots Herb! It's nice to have seals so close by. For some reason, I always think about seals being out on the west coast or someplace wild and crazy. It's strange to think of them so close by. I have never seen a seal in the wild. I think I need to get out more. This summer we're going to travel to the coast of Maine in search of Puffins!
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