Taking a Photo with the Canon Rebel T7i

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After you set your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, along with whatever else you need configured on your Canon T7i, it's time to take some photos. Luckily, the process is very simple. All you'll need to do is adjust the viewfinder's diopter to ensure you're seeing your scene as clearly as possible and then position your camera and press the shutter button. Once those steps are complete, you'll have captured your photo(s). While there are a few steps involved with this process, they'll quickly become second nature. And really, you'll only need to adjust the diopter once a year, if that.

Adjusting the diopter is simple. I've actually already written a few posts on the topic, so instead of beating a dead horse, I'll just link to those posts:

I think you'll find that the entire process takes just a few minutes.

Next, you'll need to situate your camera in such a way as for it to avoid shaking. Whether you hold the camera in your hands, use a tripod, or lean it up against something, you'll need to keep it steady. Please read through these two posts to learn a few techniques for taking care of this step.

If you're new to photography, this part may seem a bit strange. It has to do with the shutter button located on the top right corner of the camera. While many of us have been led to believe that this shutter button only has one purpose, we've been led astray. It actually has quite a few purposes. First, it's used to meter the scene you'd like to take a photograph of. What I mean by meter is it's used to measure the light within the scene so the camera can adjust itself accordingly to take the most well exposed shot it can. While this seems wonderful, you'll need to remember that even though the camera can measure the light in an area, it can't measure your intent. So if you'd like to take shots with motion blur in them or engage in some other type of custom photography, you'll need to take additional steps. For now though, let's stick with the basics.

Before taking any photograph, set your camera up and then press and hold the shutter button half way down. You should hear very faint sounds coming from within the camera while you do this. The camera meters the scene and focuses (if you're using auto-focus) at the same time. If you're in Auto mode, the camera automatically sets the ISO, aperture and shutter speed. If you're in a priority mode, the camera will automatically set everything but that priority.

After the scene has been metered and placed in focus, go ahead and continue pressing the shutter button down all the way. This will release the shutter and complete taking the shot.

If you forget to press and hold the shutter button half way for a moment or two, don't worry. The camera will do it for you. If you simply press the shutter button down all the way at once, the camera will pause while it makes these settings and then when it does, it'll capture the scene.

Also, the shutter button has other purposes besides taking photos. If you're reviewing previously captured photos on the rear LCD screen and you'd like to return to regular shooting mode, press the shutter button half way down. You can do the same thing if you'd like to return to regular shooting mode while working in the menu system. So, as you can see, the shutter button does quite a bit.
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