Using the Canon T7i Standard Menu Display

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Using the Standard menu display on the Canon Rebel T7i is essentially identical to the process of navigating the Guided menu display. The same function buttons are pressed and similar actions are required.

To get into the menu area, turn your camera on and then press the Menu button in its rear upper left corner. Once you're in the menu area, you'll see five different section areas. They are Shoot, Play, Set Up, Display Level, and My Menu. Each of these sections contains sub-sections. To navigate between the top level and sub-level sections, use the left and right cross keys that are located on the rear of the camera. As a shortcut, you may press the camera's Q button to jump between the top level sections. This is a sweet little time saver.

When you land on the section you're interested in, use the up and down cross keys to navigate to the sub-section. Then, to enter that area, press the Set button. Once inside, use the cross keys again to choose the option you want to set the camera to and then press the Set button again to accept the change. When you're finished and you'd like to go back up a level in the menu area, you can press the Menu button. To exit completely, either press the Menu button repeatedly until you return to shooting mode or you can simply half-press the shutter button.
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