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I guess I should kick things off in this particular forum. My name is Jay and I am the founder and current sole operator of this website. I guess I used to call it a blog, but since I installed this discussion forum, I feel like it's more of a complete website.

I live in Maine and my interests include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, playing the guitar, photography, coding, website development and thinking about things. I love to build. When I get bored, I create websites. I don't even know how many internet ideas I've had through the years. There have been many. I also have an energetic personality type, so unfortunately, I do get bored quite often. I suppose this could be a blessing or a curse. I haven't figured which one it is yet.

Anyway, I created this forum because I've seen a few others like it out there and I became jealous. I wanted one of my own, to nurture and to grow. I am in love with the idea of people from around the world communicating with one another in a helpful way. Discussion forums have helped me tremendously in the past and I hope they continue to in the future.

The topics in this community may seem odd or even random. They're not. I work on the internet seven days a week, for at least 14 hours per day. I work in server configuration, HTML, photography, graphic design and everything in between. I created each topic here to coincide with my own interests in hopes that others might have those interests as well. If you have any ideas, please let me know by contacting me. Otherwise, enjoy the community!