What Are the Two Icons Inside the Thumbnails in Adobe Bridge?

I have a few questions for this thread.

First, I've worked in Adobe Bridge for a while and I have noticed that there is usually one icon that sits inside the upper right corner of the image thumbnail that I've edited in Camera Raw. The icon is gray and round and it looks like there are two arrows inside of it with two black lines. What does this icon mean?

My second question has to do with another icon, but this time the icon looks similar, but it's got the crop tool shape inside of it. What's this?

Also, like I said above, after I edit a picture inside of Camera Raw, one or both of these icons appear in the thumbnail in Bridge. But if I go into Camera Raw and use the Reset Camera Raw Defaults menu item to reset the image to its original state, that icon is still there. I can't seem to get rid of it. Why not?


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Okay, I have tons of experience with both Bridge and Camera Raw and here is what I can tell you. The first icon you mentioned (some people call this a button - I don't know why) indicates that the file in question has been edited in Camera Raw. That's all that means. This is the one with two lines and the arrows that I'm referring to. The next icon; the one that looks like the crop tool, simply means that you must have cropped the image in Camera Raw. You can have either one of these icons show in the thumbnail or both. They're merely indicators that something's been done to the file. They don't appear anywhere in the final image, so don't sweat it.

Next, about the fact that you can't get rid of these icons when you revert the file back to its original state. All the icon tells you is that there's what's referred to as a "sidecar file" in existence. If you browse to the folder where you're keeping the file in question, you'll see the file sitting there as well as the XMP file. If you delete that XMP file, you'll notice that those icons disappear, along with any edits you made in Camera Raw. That file is where the change data is stored.

Now, an accompanying XMP file is only created for RAW files. If you shot a JPEG file and edited that in Camera Raw, the change data is stored in the metadata for the file itself, so you won't see any sidecar file. I'm not exactly sure how to remove the icons in this case, even after you revert the file back to its original state. I'll need to look into this some more.
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