What Makes the Battery Drain Fast on the Canon Rebel T7i?

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When you turn the power for your Canon T7i on, you'll see the battery indicator down in the bottom left corner display one of four different levels of power. It's easy to see this indicator because it's actually shaped just like a AA battery. The more solid the interior of the battery, the more juice it has. The more empty the battery, the less.

If the battery shows to be completely empty, that means that you shouldn't use the camera. You'll need to charge the battery first. If there's one section showing solid inside the battery display, you'll notice it blinking. This means that you can use the camera with the current battery charge, but not for very long. It'll most likely die before you get anything of consequence done. If there are two solid sections inside the battery, that means you can use the camera and it'll last for a decent amount of time and if the entire battery indicator is solid, it means that you've got a full charge. You can do whatever you'd like with the camera.

Battery life depends on a few different factors. The first factors we'll look at are ambient temperature and flash usage. If you've set your camera to normal settings and you're in room temperature, then you should be able to take 820 photos from one battery charge. If the temperature is at freezing, you'll only be able to take 770 photographs. If you're at room temperature and you're using your camera's flash for half of your shots, you'll be able to take 600 photos and if you're at freezing and you're using the flash for half the shots, you'll be able to take 550 photos.

Next, we'll look at what other common factors affect camera battery life. What I share below is true for any brand and model of camera, not only the Canon Rebel T7i. The following actions may reduce battery life in your camera:

1. Pressing and holding the shutter button half way down for longer than normal. Pressing this button uses resources inside of the camera to focus and meter it for proper exposure.

2. Along the same lines as above, if you activate the Auto Focus (AF) more often that usual, the battery will drain faster than it would otherwise.

3. Using the lens' image stabilization feature drains the battery faster than it would if it wasn't used.

4. Using the camera's LCD screen to view and review photos will drain the battery faster that it would drain if the screen wasn't used at all.

5. The camera's wifi (Wi-FI) capabilities also drain the battery quite a bit.

Remember, all the electronic bells and whistles contained within your camera's lens use the camera's battery power to operate. The fewer features you use, the less power you'll draw. Also, this probably goes without saying, but the less battery power you have, the fewer photos you'll be able to take. The rear of your camera should indicate how many photos you've got left, depending on your battery power.
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