What's the Best Way to Adjust Contrast in Photoshop?


I've been reading about many different ways to add contrast to my photos in Photoshop, but I don't know the best way. It seems like there are multiple ways to do everything. I'd like to know the best one. Which tool do you use to add contrast in Photoshop?


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As you said, there are many different methods for adding contrast to a photograph in Adobe Photoshop. Although there are quite a few different ways to accomplish this sort of task, I prefer two. They both have to do with the Curves adjustment tool.

For the first method, you'll need to convert the layer you'd like to adjust to a Smart Object. Once that's completed, go to the Image > Adjustments > Curves menu item and click. Then, you can add the contrast you need by hand or choose one of the presets from the drop-down.

Alternately, you can use an adjustment layer to do the same thing. Go to the Adjustments panel and click on the Curves icon. Once the Properties panel opens up, increase the contrast the same way.

The Curves tool is appropriate here because it's very flexible. It covers all bases and it's good to become familiar with its power. To read more, please take a look through these posts.