What's the Number 9 on the Far Right Inside My Canon Rebel T3i Viewfinder?


I was looking through my Canon Rebel T3i viewfinder a few days ago and I saw a number 9 on the far right. It had a green dot next to it. I know what all the other data inside there means, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what the number 9 means. And it always seems to be there, no matter what I do. Can anyone help me?


Good question. I know many people who have no idea what that number means. Luckily, I'm here to tell you and the world.

You said you know what all the other data means, but I'll cover that anyway. On your T3i, going from left to right, you have the current shutter speed, aperture setting (f-stop), exposure compensation setting, ISO value and then, all the way to the right is the number for maximum burst frames. So if you set your camera to continuous capture mode, or burst mode, this is the number of photos that the camera can take one right after another. In reality, the camera will most likely be able to take more pictures than what this number is telling you, but they will be taken at a slower rate. Also, remember that this data inside the viewfinder will change, depending on conditions. If you move the camera and point at another subject in different lighting and are in one of the auto modes, the shutter speed, aperture size, etc...will change. Also, if your memory buffer is getting full, the number of images you can capture in burst mode will go down. I hope this helps.