What's Your Favorite Shape For a Photograph?

I'm curious as to what other photographers think about this topic. I personally take tons of portrait shots, so I obviously have a liking for taller, rather than wider images, but I can definitely see other orientations that are appealing. For instance, if I were to capture some photos of a tall tree, I'd want that to be a taller photo, just like the tree. But if I were taking photos of a mountain range or something that has a natural orientation or being wide, I'd definitely want a wider, more landscape image.

What's your take on this and why? What orientation do you prefer for your own photography? Wide? Tall? Square? Someplace in between?


That's a good question. I'm actually starting to move towards square photography because I like the way it looks as well as the way it's been progressing online. I actually don't even know the reason why photographs have traditionally been captured as a rectangle.

I obviously like wide landscapes and tall portraits, but square seems to fit for many of my photos these days. And as far as Instagram goes, since that's the format that's shown, that's what I give them because there won't be any surprised when I post to them.

Square is also good because it's still in the "new" stage. If you look around, you'll see that most photography still has either a landscape or a portrait orientation. Square is the new kid on the block and it's exciting.

Lastly, I think square photos can truly capture what the photographer was after when it comes to certain shoots and situations. These photos cut out what's not needed in the shot and show only what is. There's a lot that can be said about that as far as composition and mood are concerned.

Anyone else?


Square is awesome. I love it. You really need to check out Michael Kenna. Most of his photography is in black and white and most of it is square. He loves landscape, but shoots a lot of other styles as well.