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This is a great shot. Very clear and crisp. Can you find out what your lens was set to? How many mm? Did you have to zoom in much for this one? Is your camera full or cropped sensor?


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Jay, the camera is a SONY alpha 77Mll . It is not a full frame, so everything I shoot is magnified by 1.5 Looking at the meta data in Adobe bridge, the info for that particular shot is as follows. I shot it at 500 mm, so it was as if shooting at 750 mm. AT an ISO of 400, F stop was 6.3 at 1/1000 of a second.
I absolutely love this SONY for a number of reasons. I have been mulling over getting a full frame, But I believe it was your post in the differences between full frame and cropped sensors which caused me to rethink it. (was that YOUR post on the differences ? I can't seem to find the article.)


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Hi Herb,

Yes, I did write that post. I believe this is the one you are referring to:

I'm glad you got some valuable information out of that post and that you are loving your camera. Nice job!

Also, I like the photo specs you added above. One of my favorite things is to look at each spec and then flip back and forth between it and the photo itself to see if I can spot that particular setting in action. I think that's helpful for others viewing the photos as well. Aperture size, shutter speed, ISO - it's all great stuff. Now I know why the shot is so clear. That fast shutter speed!
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